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Post by Hollis Brown on Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:03 pm

On October 1st, 2015, a prostitute's head was found at the bottom of an old well in Stakeford. An investigation was launched by the police force, headed by sheriff Randy Flecker, but the woman had no ties that could lead to a lead. The small town of Stakeford, unaccustomed to such a horrific and strange act of violence, sat in curious anticipation about what might come next. Some people gossiped about it and talked lightly of the whole matter, and for a short while, it worked. People were able to pretend it was not happening.

On November 1st, the head of Jenny Smith was found, which drove her sister, Brandy, into a spiraling depression that last most of the month. Soon, however, her grief turned into a determination to catch the killer. No leads turned up, and the town was beginning to grow concerned about a killer on the loose. As the end of the month approached, the tension was palpable. Around midnight, as November became December, Cameron Johnson had a dream.

Johnson, a young wanderer who recently took root in the town, had managed to rub some the wrong way-- most notably Samson Ackermann, owner of a local clothing store and father of two boys. Johnson quickly took a liking to Ellie Swan, a library assistant, and became friends with Brandy Smith and Cliff Alset, a cook at Porker's restaurant. Cameron had a bizarre dream on the last day of November, a dream in which he was given the opportunity to try to save the next murder victim if he could correctly guess the next victim's name. He was also told, however, that if he guessed incorrectly, that the person he would name would be greatly hurt. Faced with that pressure, Cameron does not guess a name.

On December 1st, Christina Farrow's head is discovered at the bottom of the well. Farrow was a hostess at Porker's and a friend of Cliff's. She is replaced later that month by Kioko Suoh, a foul-mouthed young woman. The town continues to grow anxious over the murders. Each time, a head is at the bottom of the well, and in front of the well a sign is left with a cryptic message. At the end of December, another resident of Stakeford encounters a strange dream and the chance to save someone's life. This time, the die has been cast in Jackson Lee's favor.

Jackson, a New Zealand native haunted by the disappearance of his wife Elise, worked as a paramedic and thus worked closely with Nora Green, a town doctor. When faced with the terror of his dream and the risk of guessing incorrectly, Jackson boldly named Samson Ackermann. Unfortunately, however, the victim turned out to be Martha Ackermann, and as a result of Jackson's incorrect guess, Samson's suffering was increased even further. In addition to having to deal with the death of his wife, Samson now had to bear on his shoulder's the town's knowledge of his affair with Nora Green.

Martha's death reignited Brandy Smith's determination to stop the killer once and for all. She confided in Cameron Johnson about her mission, and Cameron brought her to a table with Cliff and Jackson. Against the better judgment of the others at the table, Cameron let slip how the three had recently come into contact with a man hunting the killer. This man was named Hollis Brown, an outsider to the town who encountered a dream in September in which he watched his doppelganger shoot his family one-by-one.

Hollis Brown, Cameron Johnson, Jackson Lee, and Cliff Alset formed an alliance to stop the killer. Brandy Smith was jumping into the mix, but things took a terrible turn for the worst. Cliff encountered a dream, similar to what Hollis, Cameron, and Jackson had previously experienced, and in his dream he tried to save Nora Green. However, the next victim was Brandy Smith. Brandy's dismembered head was found at the bottom of the well the next morning, and Nora Green disappeared while on her way out of town.

In February, the FBI were called into Stakeford. Agents David Spencer and Francine Blanc led an investigation into the serial murder case. Meanwhile, Hollis, Cameron, Jackson, and Cliff continued their own secret investigation. They reached an unusual turning point in their mission, however, when a strange man in a tailcoat and beret approached them by the river. This man introduced himself as Gardenback, the Rock with Seven Eyes, and offered to make a contact with them: 15 years of one of their lives for the ability to enter into the world of dreams. According to Gardenback, the killer acted in the realm of dreams, and the only way to stop the killer would be to meet him in this territory. Gardenback offers to meet them at the end of the month, by the well, and Hollis tells the others he is willing to make the deal at the cost of 15 years of his life. While the group waits anxiously for the end of the month, Jackson receives a mysterious call from his wife's kidnappers and is allowed to spend time with her on Valentine's Day.
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