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Post by Cliff Alset on Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:23 pm

Rays of sunshine break through four elongated grey clouds that stretch downward through a blue sky over the town of Stakeford. Cameron, Hollis, Jackson and Cliff are gathered around the well, peering at the surface of the water in silent unison. What they are gazing at is frightening---unbelievable. Floating dead still at the top is what appears to be a giant, sickeningly pink tape worm. It is the size of a thick four foot snake. Cliff points right at it and says under heavy breath, "Look at that thing! It's got some kind of...well... some kind of rope burn around it''s neck?"

"What the hell just happened?" asks Cameron.

A bubbling in the water, and the creature rolls over. Everyone takes a quick step back away from the well. "Where in hell did this thing come from?" asks Jackson.

Hollis peers at Jackson a moment, then looks back at the dirty, pink worm. "Hard to say. Maybe carried here from far away." There's a brief pause. Well where ever, whatever it sure looks dead."

"Yeah. It looks definitely dead." Cameron adds.

"Fuck it IS ugly!" Cliff joins in. He looks around and continues in a determined voice, "Let's find us a pitchfork. Let's burn the goddamn thing. Burn it good!"

"What's that?" asks Hollis---alerted by a rustling in the nearby trees. Jackson, Cameron and Cliff are now staring at the movement among the lower branches of an evergreen. Suddenly a woman appears wearing a worn and tattered purple dress. Her brown hair is wet and clinging to scarred body. She is shaking violently.

With sudden recognition Jackson rushes to the side of Ellie Swan. He gently embraces her and asks, " Oh Ellie! Are you OK?" She looks up at him, then looks at the other three men around the well. They begin to approach.

"Don't take me near the well!", Ellie pleads. "NO! Get me away from here! Get me away from here NOW!"

"Its OK, Ellie." Jackson turns her gently and guides her away from the terror in the well.

"I think I know where to find a pitchfork." says Hollis. "I'll be right back!"

Cliff looks at the still tapeworm creature and ponders out loud, "Shit! Was this thing inside her?"

With a good size, roaring fire, the carcass of the ugly worm is cast by triumphant pitchfork into the waiting flames of justice. A scream suddenly lets out. The worm curls into a dark brown bulk.
Night time is nigh. Three men stand around the fire. Hollis holds the pitchfork in his right hand. He stabs it into the earth. "Somewhere in Hell you came; somewhere in Hell you return! Fuck You!"
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