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Post by Hollis Brown on Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:37 pm

A white Jeep Cherokee pulls into the “Well District.” The heavy snow grumbles under the tires, and snow is caught calling in slow motion in the amber headlight rays. As the Jeep slowly approaches, the well and something next to it begin to come into view. The visibility is not bad because of the falling snow, which has been gently dropping down for the past few hours. The sky is an unforgiving, dark shade of blue, and the clock inside the car reads 5:50 am.

The Jeep slows down but continues to inch forward, and the headlights reveal more ahead. The well is now clearly visible, and so is the white-painted wooden sign next to it. The vehicle is parked right in front of the sign.

The sign reads, in small red lettering:

“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice. From what I’ve
tasted of desire I hold with those who
favor fire. But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate to say
that for destruction ice is also great
and would suffice.”

The car remains motionless for a short while. Then the passenger’s side door opens, and Mil Bradley steps out. He is wearing his red sweatshirt, zipped up, and black skinny jeans. He walks closer to the sign and then stops. Mil puts his hands on his hips and looks back toward the dark glass, behind which the Jeep’s driver must be sitting.

“This fucker has got to go,” Mil says. The headlights shine brightly on his face. His head is bowed slightly, and the light creates deep shadows under his eyes. He turns his head slightly to the right and spits into the snow. The spit hits the snow with a dull pat, and the saliva lingers at the surface before slowly slipping through.

By 7:30 am, most of the town knows that the head of Christina Farrow, one of the hostesses at Porker’s, had been found at the bottom of the town well.
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Frozen [intro] Empty Re: Frozen [intro]

Post by Hollis Brown on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:15 pm

Julee’s Bar – (12/31, 11:50pm)

Oricle Older points across the table and says, slowly and in a deep voice, “Oricle Younger.”

Oricle Younger points across the tables and says, slowly and in a deep voice, “Oricle Older.”

The two look at each other for about 15 seconds in total silence. Oricle Younger suddenly laughs and says, “I catch a bob kitchen! I fly a dan garage!”

Oricle Older holds the gaze, unfazed. He pulls out from an inside pocket of his brown leather jacket a dark gray cup, identical in appearance to the one Oricle Younger has. Each holds his cup slightly over the table and shakes it.

Oricle Older gestures clears his throat and explains, “I swim a George asylum. Now Pete’s in charge.”

“Got a bulb with a ladder?” Oricle Younger interrupts. “Hang a Pete balloon?”

Oricle Older pauses for a moment, and his silly, carefree demeanor melts into a look of subtle longing. “I miss you so much baby,” he half-whisperes. “Hope you come back real soon… Real soon.”

Oricle Younger knocks on the wooden table with his free hand. “Last call: time gentlemen, please,” he announces.

A moment of silence passes.

Oricle Older nods and raises his cup. “One foot had a red sock—“

Oricle Younger raises his cup. “The other had blue.”

They take their hands off the top of their cups and thrust the cups forward. From each cup a die rattles onto the table—from Oricle Younger’s cup, a blue die, and from Oricle Older’s cup, a red die.

The die land near the center of the table. Instead of numbers already on the die, when they land, a word slowly materializes on the face-up surface that, just before, was blank. The two men look at the results:

Frozen [intro] Dice_d10

Neither man shows a reaction on his face.

Oricle Older says, quietly, “It’s Tuesday, baby.”

Oricle Younger nods. “Where are you?”

The two men are gone in a split second. They disappear suddenly, with no flash or pomp. The bar returns to life. The music begins to play again, and people in the bar are moving and talking like usual.

Mil Bradley is humming while he cleans a glass.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The red die signifies who will die at midnight, when this month transitions into the next. The victim’s head will be at the bottom of the town well, and the body will not be discovered.

The blue die signifies who will receive a dream on the last day of the next month. In this dream, the blue die dreamer will have an opportunity to prevent the next death. The blue die dreamer will pronounce the name of the person he or she wishes to protect. If the person he or she wants to protect turns out to be the red die victim, the blue die dreamer will save him or her. However, if the person the blue die dreamer selects is not the red die victim, then not only will the red die victim still die, but the person the blue die dreamer tries to protect will suffer imminent, great misfortune. Because of this risk, the blue die dreamer can opt to not attempt to protect anyone. In that event, the red die victim will certainly die, but there is no chance that anyone else will face additional misfortune.

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