The Snake Dream [Cameron only] (11/30, 11:50 pm)

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The Snake Dream [Cameron only] (11/30, 11:50 pm) Empty The Snake Dream [Cameron only] (11/30, 11:50 pm)

Post by Hollis Brown on Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:13 pm

Cameron is blinded by a white flash, and when his vision returns, he is standing in the center of a circular room. The room is remarkably dark. A band of white lightbulbs juts out from the center of the rounding wall. These lightbulbs are spaced with about two feet between each one. They are intense, but they cast little light beyond themselves. A faint blue spotlight shines down on where Cameron is standing.

Some distance in front of Cameron, the two spotlights are casting red. The rays of light cross each other at about the midway point. The circles of light on the floor are about four feet apart. Standing on one circle and basked in red light is Samson Ackermann Jr. Standing on the other circle, and thus also cast in red, is Reggie Ackermann.

Coming out from Samson Jr.’s right ear is the head of a dark green snake, the body of which goes through his skull and extends into Reggie’s head. Another snake head protrudes from Reggie’s left ear. The two headed snake connects the two boys, who each have white irises. Their mouths are open, in a slight smile.

“This is where Jenny Smith died,” Samson Jr. says.

“Technically, but you might understand better if we said that it was a place like this,” Reggie says.

“And the next victim will die in this place too, or a place like it,” Samson Jr. explains.
One of the white lights along the band suddenly explodes. The whole room flashes white for a split second, and then the darkness returns.

Reggie resumes, “But we’re going to give you a chance to save this person. All you have to do is say the name.”

Samson Jr. adds, “But be careful! If you say the wrong name, the name of someone other than the next potential victim, bad stuff will happen.”

Another white light explodes.

“Who will you try to protect?” Reggie asks. He opens his arms wide, toward Cameron. “Or will you not even try, because it might all backfire anyway? What’s the right thing to do? If you’re going to try to be the hero, you’d better hurry…”

There is a loud knock, followed by an even louder knock.

Three of the white lights explode one after another. A bright yellow light hidden in the floor, behind the two boys, suddenly casts a light on a small wooden door that previously had not been visible. Reggie continues to hold his arms out toward Cameron, while Reggie turns around and holds his arms out toward the door.

“Here she comes!” Samson Jr. declares. “She’s the one we can’t wait to see!”
Reggie runs toward Cameron and takes his right hand. The boy clasps both of the man’s hands and says to him, in a hushes whisper, “You have to hurry! Say the name! Say it! There’s still time!”

Two more white lights explode, and this time the white flash lasts much longer. In this moment—in this unexpected interim—Cameron encounters a pressing urgency, the feeling that it is now or never.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cameron has one opportunity here. All you have to do is say one name. Your post should contain just the name of the person you think will be killed next, and nothing else. If you guess correctly, the person will be saved. If you guess incorrectly, however, the person you chose will face great misfortune in the imminent future. If you post “…” or simply do not post in this thread, it will be assumed that Cameron is not going to try to save the next victim.

This thread will be open until the end of the month. You have until then to post the name of the person you will try to save. The last day you can post a name here is 11/29. You only have one chance.
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The Snake Dream [Cameron only] (11/30, 11:50 pm) Empty Re: The Snake Dream [Cameron only] (11/30, 11:50 pm)

Post by Hollis Brown on Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:44 pm

In spite of the pressure mounting up within Cameron, he remains silent. After it is clear that Cameron has chosen not to speak, the two boys look toward each other. Each of the snake's heads opens its mouth, and the boys open up their mouths at the same time. The boys look like they are laughing, but they are no sounds.

In an instant, they are gone. No transition, no fade-out. The red lights concentrate on the little wooden door, and immediately after, there a knock comes from the other side. Then another knock.

Then the door flings open, and the hostess at Porker's-- Christina Farrow--falls forward, screaming. She is completely naked, except for a pair of bright red stiletto heels that are on her feet. She looks up at Cameron and extends her hand toward him. Her screaming intensifies in volume, until it blends into the sound of a siren. Cameron wakes up with a jolt, but the siren-like sound does not completely fade away for about another fifteen seconds.

Cameron finds in his hand a red die, each side of which displays three dots.
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Hollis Brown

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